Here is a short film by Angeleno filmmaker Nirvan Mullick about 9 year old Caine Monroy, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s East Los Angeles (north of Boyle Heights) used auto parts store, Smart Parts. It features Caine’s charmingly sweded arcade and chronicles the best day of his life.

I’m not one for flash mobs, finding them kind of annoying at times (largely because I’m grumpy and humorless), but this one was cool. Cool kid, cool dad, cool film. A rather touching short about imagination and social networks. Check out the site, people have already donated +$40,000 to Caine’s scholarship fund!!! The Internet has rewarded inspiring, young Caine, lucky kid…


On Sunday Oct 2, 2011, we organized a flashmob in East LA to surprise a 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store.

Up until this moment, Caine’s Arcade had almost no customers. Over 100 people showed up to play, and surprise Caine.

Caine told his dad that: “this was the best day of my whole life!”

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