Here’s the music video for Warrior a perfectly poppy track featuring hot rising star, Kimbra, Mark Foster from Foster the People with production by A-Trak. The trio finds themselves in a battle with some lucha libre wrestlers in this video. The song and video comes courtesy of retail chain Journeys and Converse for their advertising campaign.

How achingly adorable is Kimbra? I think I love her. I just checked. Yeah, I love her. She’s like an über-talented version of Jennifer Love Hewitt. We need to feature more of her stuff in the future. She’s grossly underrepresented on this site. I’m sorry for neglecting you, my precious little kiwi…



Kimbra reveals some details about the process (and lyrics) for Warrior at her BLOG:

The track first came about in NY when A-Trak and Mark did a session together. They sent me through their beat with the music/chords Mark had written as well as the hook over the chorus that he sings. I was in an airport in Hamburg, Germany when I received the track – feeling pretty glum because I’d just had to cancel 2 shows with Gotye due to mild tonsilitis and a loss of my voice! However, it turned out to be perfect timing as I had heaps of ideas come to me when I heard the track and nuzzled into my Macbook to sing my vocal melodies (hoping people in the airport wouldn’t notice and think I’m crazy) just before we boarded our flight. Ha! I went on to complete the rest of the vocals/ lyrics (and writing the bridge) in a hotel in Cologne while communicating with Mark and Atrak who were in LA and Paris (respectively) at the time. This is what they call a 21st century collaboration people!