via Bustler:

Viennese architectural firm Wolfgang Tschapeller ZT GmbH has won the First Prize in aninternational competition that seeks to overhaul the campus of the Angewandte, a group of buildings that house the University of Applied Arts, as well as the Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.

Project Description from the Architects:

Between 1st and 3rd district in Vienna on the Ringstrasse a few buildings of different authors and times are collected on a block. Heinrich von Ferstel, Schwanzer-Wörle and Noever-Müller are the architects of the group of fine buildings. Some of them serve the purposes of the Museum for Applied Arts and some of them serve the University of Applied Arts. The original urban intent for this group of buildings follows a very fine, subtle and precise idea. Although being part of a block, or standing on a block, they were always meant to keep their independency and autonomy by simultaneously allowing for a visibility of the space in between them.

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