It’s a post-Wondercon, post-St.Patty’s Pop Culture Roundup! So, how’s that hangover treating you? Did you get your fill of green beer? Did Erin Go Barf? How was it battling that parade of DUI checkpoints, weekend warriors, d-bags, rookie drinkers and novices that can’t hold their liquor? Seriously, St. Patrick’s Day is right behind NYE when it comes to one of the most overrated, insufferable and dangerous nights to go out partying. Anyhooooooo…

To help you with that extended post-binge-drinkin’ malaise that you surely have, here’s PCR 11.

Ridley Scott, master director and creator of Prometheus, showed up to Wondercon to have a Q&A with Damon Lindelof (writer, executive producer of Prometheus) which was hosted by AMC. They also unveiled the epic trailer. This science fiction film is gradually catching up to The Dark Knight Rises as the most anticipated blockbuster of the summer. It looks mind-blowing and intense. The captivating trailer is at the header and the highly informative audience Q&A (great questions fielded by the audience, for once!) is below:

We previously featured the fantastic futuristic faux-TEDTalk, some clever geeks unlocked this great high-resolution image (click to embiggen) of the star map control room from the Welyand Industries site also (viral marketing campaign). Whoa. Imagine seeing this in the theater this summer in 3D.

Our Family is Growing, more deliciously foreboding viral marketing stuff from the film. This one is advertising the line of androids of that reality and era. Creepy ad.

Weyland engineers have been working around the clock to bring you the newest, most advanced addition to the Weyland family: The David 8 Series:

We debuted the initial trailer in PCR 04, here’s another trailer, a shorter alternate to the full version at the header:

Prometheus International Trailer – UK:

Prometheus TV Spot HD:

Just because, Prometheus / Goonies Mashup Trailer:

Some really good mock/concept film posters for Prometheus by experienced Los Angeles art director, Emmanuel Sfez aka midnight marauder. We showcased five of his prints below, be sure to check out the other seven posters at Behance. We dig the gritty, portentous and ominous aesthetic. I feel like putting on some Joy Division, Burial, or Se7en:

Also from midnight marauder is this series of film poster concepts and fake Criterion Series covers for the recent cult hit film, Drive:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer 2:

A viral marketing video for The Amazing Spider-Man, Daily Bugle ‘Spider-Man’ Exclusive:

The Avengers Japanese Trailer #2 and some character posters via Collider and the Japanese film poster via MTV:

Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows, a comedic and campy take on the ’60s ABC television gothic soap opera, starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins:

How about this for a statement? Game of Thrones Season 2 gets heady with Stark‘s decapitated dome on a stick. And check out the slideshow from Entertainment Weekly:

Supercut, All the Breaking Glass in Total Recall, most breaking glass in a movie ever:

Supercut, I’m Too Old For This Sh*t, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lethal Weapon, we’ve put together a supercut of movie characters uttering that line spoken most memorably by Danny Glover. “I’m too old for this shit.” (list of films is HERE):

Tony Manero Loves Kanye West, John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever jammin’ to Touch The Sky by Kanye West. Every day I’m shufflin’:

Snow White and the Huntsman Full Trailer 2:

So yeah, that’s what the hype train hauled in this week. See you next episode…


Pop Culture Roundup 11 Thread