American Express gave HOVA large sums of skrilla to get cray at SXSW and Jigga obliged. The master rapper took the stage clad head-to-toe in navy-blue-and-black casual wear, rocking a modest gold chain, donning a hand selected floral fabric LeRoy Jenkins Black Palms Jungle lid and showcasing the rare and fresh Nike Air Yeezy 2s (designed by his Watch the Throne mate).

The newly-minted papa and the commander-in-chief of hip hop rocked the skulls of the mostly vanilla-flavored crowd of Austin hipsters and music industry types. All of this took place on a well-designed stage complete with a hovering x-cross covered with transparent LED panels…cool stuff. We’re not sure of the exact venue but it was a rad spectacle, a smooth production with tight camera direction.

Oh yeah, Jay celebrated a catalog of numerous hits, performing for almost an hour an a half. A wicked show which I wish I was present for. I’ll settle for an mp3 rip of the live show and a high-definition DVD of the broadcast. Anybody?

Check out the medium resolution vids below or go to the looping stream with multiple angles HERE.