Here is the immersive show of the work of Brazilian street artists, Os Gêmeos, identical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. The show is titled Miss You and opened on February 25, at Prism Gallery on Sunset Blvd. An impressive body of work and a one-of-a-kind consuming presentation. Just observe. Oh yeah, Jordan Bratman and the Hilton sisters even showed up. Photos by Taiyo Watanabe.









PRISM is pleased to present Miss You, an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures within an immersive installation by famed Brazilian artists Os Gemeos. In Miss You, Os Gemeos plays with fantastical notions of magical realism. It is a visual exploration of the Twins’ interest in life’s natural magic, its dreams, sentiments, surrealism, realizations, relationships, love, hate and ultimately underlines their intrinsic curiosity to question everything around them. Through their visual language, Os Gemeos creates a beautiful universe populated with their iconic characters and introduces the viewer into a vibrant world of imagination that stems from their subconscious.

For this exhibition, Os Gemeos takes the viewer through a labyrinth of visual language fashioned from the artists’ minds. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer is transported into an alternate world filled with color, light and sound. While each work reverberates individually, together they expand through a range of pictorial styles and concepts. In Do Outro Lada Da Lua (The Other Side of the Moon), 2012, the Twins incorporate stripes, opposing colors and perspective tropes to give the optical illusion that their signature yellow character is trapped in a falling position. Miss You asks the viewer to let go, to be naïve, to resist reality, if only for a moment, and accept a world where dreams and imagination are allowed to flourish.