The Hirshorn Museum in Washington D.C. is a personal favorite. However, the facade has always been seen as a tremendous shortcoming. The drab concrete facade did not project the Hirshorn’s circular shape. The original design called for marble but was quickly abandoned due to budget restrictions. We are excited to see the facade upgraded with the monolithic LCD screen installation proposed by the Doug Aitken Workshop. Pray that the U.S. Commision of Fine Arts keep their hands off of this project.


wrapping the circular facade of washington DC’s hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden will be ‘song 1’, an LCD screen installation created by new york and los angeles-based studio doug aitken workshop. the 360 degree projection screens will illuminate the exterior of the building with changing images and sounds, bringing a dynamic life  to the building and national mall. emitting from eleven high-definition video projectors, the imagery will seamlessly  blend together to encompass the structure with a cinematic experience.

the curve will draw visitors, into the ever-changing story, revealing more with every step. moving up and down the exterior, featured film and editing techniques will range from open panoramic perspective to non linear and cubist approaches as the scenes shift. this application will attempt to liberate the solid concrete mass designed by american architect gordon bunshaft and transform it into a weightless form with exciting visual and sonic choreography.

via designboom