Live from Hollywood, High Concept Radio is late night’s premiere radio variety show. Hosted by magic-man Adam Thompson, listeners are served in-studio interviews with Hollywood’s most fascinating entertainers as well as performances from music’s brightest stars. Thompson brings a unique and unpredictable brand of comedy; it’s original and unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Adam was gracious enough to let me on his entertaining show last night. He contacted me via the High Concept Hotline and we briefly shot-the-shit about the current state of race relations spurned by the hoopla over this Linsanity thing; the discussion also included the topic of ESPN’s ethnic faux pas. As a self-proclaimed cultural arbiter and Asian-American, I let Adam pick my brain at the end portion of the hour-long show.

Be forewarned, the conversation was glib and politically incorrect. Playing my part as the choleric and agitated Asian citizen, I am downright incendiary at times. I should also mention at this point, my personal views don’t necessarily reflect the views of this fine establishment, The Superslice site. But, aw hell, what do I care? I’ll say what I want, I’m the Editor-in-chief. Real mature, Trinh! In other words, humorless, oversensitive wussies need not apply.

Anyway, I’m grateful to Adam for helping me break my radio broadcast/podcast cherry. Cheers. It was a challenge but it was also great fun. I look forward to the next one. I highly recommend High Concept Radio, it’s a Molatov cocktail of irreverent humor and entertainment. Trust me, the hour flies by with Thompson at the helm.

The show airs live every Tuesday at 10pm on the ErrorFM Talk channel. If you can’t catch it live, you can download past shows HERE. The downloads are usually available later that evening or the next morning. You can stream the most recent episode HERE; my interview comes in about the 42:00 minute mark but don’t be a dick, listen to the entire show, you won’t regret it. I’m not blowing smoke.

Also, this guy has had two consecutive guests of Asian descent on the show. Get this man an Asian Excellence Award; or at least some type of Liev Schreiber doppelgänger prize. It’s uncanny, look at the dude, he’s fucking Sabretooth. Comical.

Good times.




Apropos to what we were conversing about…WHAT THE FUCK?! (see video below):

BIG UPDATE: Thanks to Facebooker Min Yang on the Angry Asian Man fanpage, like everyone else, it seems we have originally misunderstood the video presented BELOW. It seems more innocent than we initially thought. Bill Plashke, Angry Asian Man blog and the YouTube video poster have helped us get riled up over NOTHING.

This is a clear misunderstanding. Watch and LISTEN to the YouTube clip closely. Tina Cervasio says, “He’s got a NICE build and long arms,” describing him like some stud, almost gushing. Then Greg Kelly chimes in and cracks wise in the context of that, “What about his eyes?” You know, a reference to how women have a tendency to look at the eyes as an important attribute?

The third female anchor even goes, “He’s DREAMY!” They’re mocking each other, NOT the entire Asian race. Re-watching the video, I think it would be ludicrous and outrageous to call out Lin’s attribute in a racist manner like that, live on-air. I feel stupid, as should you. If you still think this is “racist” after viewing the video a second time, in light of our new found perspective and realization, then you’re not very bright. True racism is just as dangerous as the FALSE ACCUSATIONS of racism. We risk losing the power of our voices if we continually cry wolf. We essentially become white noise if we incessantly bitch and moan over insignificant matters.

Consider this my own personal mea culpa. I jumped the gun like everyone else. I ALSO originally read it wrong. Thanks to Angry Asian Man blog, Bill Plashcke, and the YouTuber that posted the video, the fire was stoked. It’s all understandable because this Jeremy Lin thing has become such a sensitive subject but we need to recalibrate our racism/hate radars. Assuming racism/offensiveness when there is none is embarrassing and sometimes dangerous. It gets nowhere to falsely perceive acts of ethnic/racial insensitivity. Like ESPN, we also need better checks and balances, my brothers and sisters.

Nothing to see here, Folks, move it along. This one is innocent, let’s not ruin this guy’s career. This guy has already been through enough; he was already falsely accused of rape.

Good call, Min Yang.