Grab your anaglyph 3D glasses and check this out…

For his farewell retrospective at New York’s Guggenheim museum – featured on in November 2011 – art provocateur Maurizio Cattelan strung up his entire life’s work on a series of ropes so that it dangled from the museum’s rotunda as if hanging from the gallows. To mark the occasion, photographer and Wallpaper* collaborator Pierpaolo Ferrari, who has worked with Cattelan for many years (together they produce the magazine Toilet Paper) shot a series of 3D photographs of the exhibition – shown exclusively here on in a full screen gallery – one of which appears as the limited edition cover of our March issue for lucky subscribers.

Here you can feast your eyes on seven dazzling photographs, complete with hanged figures, waxworks of Adolf Hitler and all the requisite feather–ruffling touches you’d expect from Cattelan. So dig out those 3D glasses that you no doubt kept from our October Guest Editors issue and see what all the fuss is about. Those of a delicate disposition should look away now.

Go to the full screen gallery HERE and watch the time-lapse at the end.