Update: Artist Kevin Wada is treating us to several new pieces of his work. Check out the new addition to the X-Men Couture collection, including a few of our favorite male superheroes this turn.

A very cool, hipsterish, haute couture, high fashion, whatever you want to call it, rendition of some of X-Men‘s femme characters. These two sets of artwork are done by artists Kevin Wada and Max Wittert. Both artists made the debut of their work at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco, California.

Here is the first round, by Kevin Wada.

Kevin Wada / Bishop

Kevin Wada / Chamber

Kevin Wada / Cyclops

Kevin Wada / Danielle Moonstar

Kevin Wada / Magma

Kevin Wada / Scarlet Witch

Kevin Wada / X-23

Kevin Wada / Callisto

Kevin Wada / Callisto

Kevin Wada / Lady Deathstrike

Kevin Wada / Emma Frost

Kevin Wada / Karma

Kevin Wada / Kitty Pryde

Kevin Wada / Lilandra

Kevin Wada / Mystique

Kevin Wada / Phoenix

Second round, by Max Wittert.

Max Wittert / Dazzler

Max Wittert / Jubilee

Max Wittert / Marrow

Max Wittert / Polaris

Max Wittert / Psylocke

Max Wittert / Rogue

Max Wittert / Spiral

Max Wittert / Storm