Well, this is a wacky treat. Neon Indian combines forces with Adult Swim and Flying Lotus collaborator, Lilfuchs, to bring you the music video for Fallout. The track is off of the album Era Extraña.

Watch a pink-haired Barbie-type cruise in her hot pink convertible and drive some gas station attendants wild. It’s comical and sexually suggestive. The style of art is comparable to art that was done by a prisoner or an untrained amateur. I say this as a compliment.

Also, check out the Sex Is No Accident advertising campaign by MTV Germany for some similar retro-cartoon fun.


When we heard Fallout from Neon Indian’s new record, Era Extrana, we knew we had to do something with him. So we tracked his ass down and said, “Let us make you a video!” He said, “Uhhh, sure…” and we immediately called Lilfuchs, who made this homage to ’80s toons and sexy commercials. Put your arm around someone and click on this bad boy.