Gravity Stool by Jólan van der Wiel
In dialogue with a natural phenomenon.

The Gravity Stool thanks its unique shape to the cooperation between magnetic fields and the power of gravity.

Departing from the idea that everything is influenced by gravitation, a force that has a strongly shaping effect, I intended to manipulate this natural phenomenon by exploiting its own power: magnetism. The positioning of the magnetic fields in the machine, opposing eachother, has largely determined the final shape of the Gravity Stool.

It is the combination of the magnet machine with the plastic material, developed especially for this purpose, that enabled me to start a small but efficient chain of production. The forms and products are characterized by the freakish and organic shapes that are so typical of nature itself.

As a designer, I see future potential in the joined cooperative forces combining technology with natural phenomena. It is my believe that developing new “tools” is an important means of inspiring and allowing new forms to take shape.