Gagosian Gallery
456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings has arrived in Los Angeles — or at least that portion of “The Complete Spot Paintings” allotted to Gagosian Gallery’s Beverly Hills outpost has arrived. Hirst, 46, began to produce paintings patterned with flat, enamel-colored disks against a white background in 1986. Hundreds of canvasses, most titled with pharmaceutical references, have since accumulated. Some are very large, some very small and many are sizes in-between; the assortment is perfect for walls that range from corporate lobby to apartment boudoir.

Now, despite the “complete” title, about one quarter of them are being shown simultaneously on the walls of Gagosian’s 11 galleries worldwide. Twenty-three of the 1,500-plus paintings, most of them made since 2005, went on view Thursday in Beverly Hills.

Via: Los Angeles Times

Photography by: Taiyo Watanabe