The “modern white box” is always an awkward addition within underdeveloped areas such as the small coastal city of Taltal, Chile. The Taltal Public Library sits comfortably among the surrounding dwellings of pastel plaster and rusted zinc. The building’s raw texture and color palette camouflages the facade among its neighbors, while the pristine white interiors provide a feeling of solitude expected from a library. The Taltal public library  was designed by Chilean architects Murua-Valenzuela.


south of the city of antofagasta, within the coastal town of taltal, chile is the recently completed ‘taltal public library’ by chilean practice murúa-valenzuela. overlooking a central square, the building forms a cultural network by linking to the historical theater while creating a variety of internal reading atmospheres with diverse roof and ceiling heights. placed upon a 40 meter long and 7 meter wide site, the long and narrow configuration defined the spatial organization, utilizing large skylights to brighten the interior’s three stories.

via designboom