Underground mc and former member of Little Brother, Phonte, has released his first video from his current solo album, Charity Starts At Home.

Video directed by Kenneth Price.


[Verse 1]
Stand clear
You are not a man if you cannot stand here
Phontigallo make the Song Cry grown man tears
With the Bull City flow off the corner of Alston and Angier
Sex symbol rap, you niggas is Pam Grier
We throw bows like Bill Laimbeer
Plant fear the first time around, no do-overs
Where the fuck is my glass of sangria
Get a sip, then get another sip
Then go back to the mothership and tell them I’m on that
Separate excrement, yeah that other shit
Run and tell mother it’s clearly not your time yet
Cause you to me is Dr. Seuss to a Steinbeck
A pro with the prose, what a concept
Haha, and I cut this shit in half cause I ain’t feel like waitin’