Justin Kell of Glory Motor Works:

I got the call to meet with David Fincher and discuss motorcycles for a new film he was doing. I bought all three Larsson books and read them in three days; the character of Lisbeth Salander is killer. As I read the books, I kept thinking that Lisbeth’s bike would be the kind of bike most twenty-somethings with limited financial recourses would ride. She wouldn’t have an expensive modern bike. She would have an inexpensive older bike that would be customized to fit her personality.

I had to convince Fincher that we could build vintage bikes to be as reliable as modern bikes. David leaves no detail untouched; he knows that a broken motorcycle can delay production and cost the film company thousands of dollars. I went after low mileage, original machines in stock condition. We looked at updating charging systems and upgrading performance.

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