Shigeru Fuse‘s latest project in Abiko, Japan is composed of three interlocking concrete tubes.  Each tube is sculpted with respect to the program and site. The execution of this fine geometry is further proof that  the Japanese own the craft of poured concrete.


Shigeru Fuse:

This plan is a residence for a married couple in their 30s is located in Abiko. The client requested that the gallery space, such as concrete design furniture hobby grows. Site has a height difference of about 5M over the pedestrian path on the south side, facing the north parking lot. 

Located in the soft ground was located in the lowlands between the plateau and valley floor terraces, and had to support the needs of RC piles. To control costs, reduce the number of piles with a smaller footprint, and Kyanchi form a superstructure. Then, with three-dimensional continuous surface inclined walls and roof slabs Voryumu different morphological features were rationalized by stress transfer. 

This house, pursued by a rational form of spatial relationships and structure, which creates a sense of various distances. And with multi angle configuration space is articulated with a continuous sequence that I create a variety of reflection and refraction of light accompanied by a delicate nature.