Here’s Drake, Lil Wayne, and Tyga getting hyphy, showing love to the Bay Area and paying respect to the departed Mac Dre (Dre’s mother introduces the video). It features Drizzy cruising around in a black Chevy Impala and a cameo of Mr. Hyphy himself (Slanguage Master!), the legendary E-40 aka Captain Save-a-Hoe. It’s good to see E-Fizzle in the house.

Also, making an appearance is Weezy with an Impala also; he leans against a cherry red Chevy. Wayne rocks some outrageous candy apple green moonboots in the video; if you need a reason to view the vid besides the E-40 cameo, it should be viewed just for the questionable neon-green kicks alone. Comical. Then there’s Tyga chillin’ with a red Ferrari and performing in a club. He does a laughable and toolish old-school Puff Daddy impression; bottles, local sexy female extras “dancing’, iced-out chains, and Versace ‘blouse’ included. Haha. By the way, what is up with the black Hefty garbage bag backdrop in the bar/nightclub scene? Did they blow the entire film budget on the Ferrari and whip rentals?


Anyway, The Motto is an unreleased track that didn’t make it onto Drake’s Take Care album, but was fine enough to film a video for it. Aside from the distracting flossiness of Tyga’s swag, it’s an enjoyable and fun ride. Bay Area, stand up. Respect…