AWOLNATION‘s track Sail has been getting a lot of mileage as of late. The track pumps people up, there’s not a question. It’s been used in everything from people’s achingly hip and cool wedding videos to every other extreme sports clip that’s out there. It’s a smidge played out at this point, but this blood-racing teaser earns forgiveness for the use of the popular track. In this case, it’s appropriate and works nicely. SAIL!

Here’s a sizzling behind-the-scenes look of a recent catalog shoot for upstart SoCal lingerie company, Hush Los Angeles. It features friend of The Superslice, the dangerous and smokin’, Sarai Rollins, along with a bevy of her gorgeous colleagues.

The all-too-brief sexy teaser features models, Sarai Rollins, Melany Noons, Olivia June Paladin, Rachelle Carson, and Vanessa Michelle. The video was shot and edited by photographer, Alan Mura.

A drool-worthy hump day treat for the fellas and some inspirational fashion eye candy for the ladies (?). Victoria’s Secret, eat your fucking heart out. Not much else to say here, except…SEXY SELLZ!


Be sure to check out our interview with up-and-comer Sarai Rollins.

Sarai Rollins

Rachelle Carson

Vanessa Michelle

Olivia June Paladin

Melany Noons

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