Los Angeles is renowned for its beautiful graffiti and murals, but recently, public art has become a highly politicized subject in the city.  Whether graffiti is considered art is a legitimate debate among public officials. This short documentary highlights the city’s poor handling of the conflict between the city and the collective mural and graffiti artists. It’s causing an epidemic of gentrification and blank and sterile white walls.

On the concrete canvas of Los Angeles, muralists and graffiti artists grapple with the city for the right to write on the walls.
Award-winning (Delphic Art Award Selection 2011) documentary, directed by Oliver Riley-Smith, cinematography by Qianbaihui Yang, edited and produced by Gavin Garrison.

Huge thanks to SPARC – go to savelamurals.org to find out more about the fight to protect the city’s murals.

For info about the film email ollyriley@hotmail.com.

via Oliver Riley-Smith