“Advertising and animation are fields that have their own visual traditions, business cultures, and technical methodologies. Surprising results emerge when graphic design takes the lead in an ad campaign or an animated spot, as seen in the rich, painterly work of PSYOP, a multimedia design firm which creates, print, animation, and branding campaigns.

At PSYOP, the creative process begins with still imagery generated by a team of designers and composed from drawn illustrations as well as photographs. These initial images, often build from dozens of layers of color, texture, and imagery, are then interpreted as a moving sequence.

PSYOP borrowed its name from the U.S. government’s Psychological Operations division, and the company has cheekily adopted the agency’s slogan as well: “Persuade, Change, and Influence”. At a time when consumers are bombarded with more messages from more media than ever before, Psyop seeks to win over the hearts and minds of the public through creative content that people willingly seek out and enjoy, especially on the internet, where compelling ads spread via word of mouth..”


AT&T / New World

Burger King / Epic California Whopper

Coke / Heist

Converse / My Drive Thru

Fage / Plain

IBM / Cities

IBM / Planes

MTV / Crow

LG / Something’s Lurking

Trowe Price / Glass

Trowe Price / Metal

Xbox / Fable III