Microsoft has been on a roll, as of late, with their advertising campaigns. We recently featured their inspiring short that envisioned Microsoft Office in the future, in the spot titled, Productivity Future Vision.

This commercial celebrates and embraces how people have taken to their Xbox Kinect Camera and unpredictably modified them, hacked them, and put them to a myriad of unexpected uses and wonderful applications. We have featured many examples on the site.

Coupled with a soothing voice-over by Academy Award winner, Forest Whitaker, a score set to the Vitamin String Quartet‘s cover of The PixiesWhere Is My Mind, and rounded out by a wholly ambitious and inspiring tone about the future…makes this ad goosebump-inducing and possibly a candidate for one of the best commercials of the year. I get a lump in my throat every time I watch it. A pretty special commercial with awesome direction by director Malcolm Venville and spearheaded by San Francisco creative, strategic and branding agency twofifteenmccann.

Somebody get these guys a cookie, preferably made via Kinect.


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