Sir Norman Foster has proposed an integral transport hub for London, extending toward the rest of Great Britain and the European continent. This project would be a major boost for the UK, their rail system is hardly adequate, compared to other European nations; it is compounded by the fact that Heathrow Airport is almost at 100% capacity.

‘Infrastructure’ is the buzzword for economies battling the current global recession. This proposal is not all hype though, Foster + Partners has over 20 years of experience building large civic projects such as the Beijing International Airport. It will be interesting to see if government officials support it and gravitate towards this proposal.

 has launched proposals for the Thames Hub as “An Integrated Vision for Britain”. The self-funded collaboration between Foster + Partners, Halcrow and Volterra has produced a detailed, holistic vision for Britain’s future development of infrastructure.

The rapidly population growth and evolving global economy has put pressure on UK’s aged infrastructure. The study describes the Spine, which will combine rail, energy, communications and data throughout the entire length of the UK. The Spine is supported by the proposed Thames Hub, introducing a new river barrier and crossing, an international airport, and a shipping and rail complex.

The Thames Hub plans to maximize Britain trade links with the rest of world, stimulate job creation, and boost the economies of the Midlands and the North by providing direct connections to the cities and markets of Europe.

via ArchDaily