Here is the video for Nap On The Bow by Canadian future-pop duo New Look. The music video was entirely shot using the Xbox Kinect Camera. Innovative, beautiful and delicate.

The Making of by Tim & Joe:

The Concept

Listening to Nap On The Bow we instantly felt we wanted to create something with an under water feel. Looking back at kinect images we really felt that the style of image it created would fit well with New Look’s music. We pitched them the idea of using the kinect to capture their performance and then create an underwater world digitally around them.

The band liked the idea and we were then lucky enough to be given time to work with Chris Bristow at the visual effects company Munky in order to research and develop the best workflow to capture the performance and bring it into After Effects where we would then create and edit most of the video. We also experimented with 3D water elements which would fit with our aquatic concept.  Once we’d done a few tests we felt confident we could create a music video.

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