Since midsummer, The buzz on Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant) has been thick within the music industry and on the Intertubes; we’re talking Precious thick. She’s hit Odd Future, Lykke Li, James Blake, Kreayshawn territory and buzz-band level. For that precise reason, because of this overwhelming Internet hype train, we’ve been somewhat reluctant to feature her stuff. Maybe it’s because her publicity agents have readily deemed her as a “Lolita in the hood” and a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” (You are free to roll your eyes. Actually, she kind of reminds us of Mazzy Star or PJ Harvey.); the artist has packaged herself in an almost gimmicky sheen, an over-the-top, nostalgic, sultry smokiness. Just check out her video at the header, it’s as if Instagram bukkake’d all over her. Retro-splosion, Baby! Another reason we’ve been apprehensive is because hipster music maven and scion, Pitchfork, readily crowned her Video Games song Best New Track.

But, our defenses have worn down and we have looked past the predictable Hollywood packaging, saw beyond her crazy and distracting botox’d out lips, and have tried to embrace her over-dramatic and affected manner in which she performs. We just can’t keep denying her. Here at The Superslice, we have appointed ourselves as the gateway and dividing line between the underground and the mainstream. In our arrogant eyes, we’re the cultural arbiters and the gatekeepers that act as your filter; we’re just saying that we wouldn’t be surprised if she exploded tomorrow, it’s a pretty easy call…in fact, it’s inevitable.


Video Games live on Later with… Jools Holland, Oct.11, 2011:

Blue Jeans live at the Premises: