Chris Malinchak is back with his latest set of tracks including the smash hit, Accolade. This is off of his latest album Vilette EP.

It was just a moment ago we released something from Chris Malinchak. Without blinking, we just struck the blind side of your playlist with the knockout delivery of three more instant future classics™ (will we be sued for using that??). If there isn’t an instant love affair between you and the “Vilette EP,” we have boldly failed as a record label.

Chris tends to stay out of the limelight, away from the scenes, niches, and cliques. This is no guile or gimmick, just complete, unadulterated style & sincerity. We reeled him in, out from the abyss like the lochness, as he made his debut release with us back in Feb 2011 (Renaissance EP). If you can’t tell by now, Chris is a musical witch doctor, able to concoct melodic potions on a whim.

The “Vilette EP” is an orchard of finessed sounds, each track different from the next. You may have heard a track or two exclusively in a mixtape or live show. Supported by such greats, there’s no need to covet any longer.