We previously featured the BMW i3 and i8 concept cars showcased at the Frankfurt International motor showHere is another submission by French Automaker Citroën. The Tubik is both pretty and ugly at once;  a unique design for a very practical class of vehicle…the mini van. It will be interesting to see how this concept design matures to a production model, but we are still dreaming how about a tricked out ED Banger edition, Thomas Bangalter driving and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo riding shotgun.

Phography: laurentnivalle.fr, CGI : dautichamp.com

With the launch of its Mulicity portal, CITROËN established itself as a facilitator of mobility. Today, continuing its research in this field, it is exploring a new area. Drawing upon its expertise and the best “Créative Technologie”, CITROËN has developed Tubik, a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun. Come with us on a shared, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly journey!

The design lines of Tubik are a nod to the CITROËN TUB (from the French acronym for low front-wheel drive commercial vehicle) and its ingenious upgrade, the CITROËN Type H, whose versatility and style made it a best-seller of its times (half a million units in 34 years on the market). Sporting a similar body shape to its illustrious predecessor, Tubik is big enough (2.08m wide, 2.05m tall, 4.80m long) to carry up to nine passengers.

via Behance