The Triennale Bovisa is featuring The Future is On Show in Milan – Colani, Biodesign Codex Show, the first retrospective exhibition of the works conceived by Luigi Colani, in Milan, Italy. Thousands of projects, designs, inventions, prototypes and life-size models conceived by the German-born Swiss-Italian artist, industrial designer, and aerodynamicist comprise the largest collection ever produced by a single artist with his own hands and without the help of computers. Visitors will meander through the artwork and simultaneously journey through the timeline of his evolving methodology rooted within the connection between nature and man-kind.

His fusion of science, art and nature identified him as an early pioneer of biodesign, generating morphing forms to interpret nature’s shapes. Items of various scales ranging from chairs to geodesic domes are installed within the 800 square meter indoor gallery and 1500 square meter outdoor area, with additional objects scattered and displayed at monumental locations throughout the city of Milan.

via designboom