The High5Collective have officially broken through with one of their first “professional”  and official music videos. They have been, craftily and smartly, cutting their teeth, garnering hype for themselves, with a plethora of DIY “fanmade” (ultimately) high-production-value videos for a wave of their favorite artists and tracks.

Although impressed and aroused by their Weeknd vid, I admittedly passed them off in the beginning, skewed by the proliferation of capable fanmade vids (seductive eye candy), and tainted by the knowledge that every other kid and their mother has a decent and savvy eye now; not to mention, that every film school grad seems to have access to a decent DSLR cam’ and some editing software these days. But, H5C are starting to prove themselves to be a prolific crew that will be reckoned within the near future. It seems that they’re just not satisfied with being another five dollar imitation of this generation’s Hype Williams; this as much is clear with their latest entry, one of my favorite soulful tracks of this past summer, Thinking About You by Frank Ocean.

The short film and music video provides some unpredictable and contrasting moving imagery to one of Frank Ocean’s best songs. We’re not really sure what is going on, but we dig the alternating imagery and intertwining storylines. There is something to be said about the concept of time, the afterlife, and this notion of spirit or spirituality; this video is life affirming. It is substantial without being maudlin or mawkish. I would have never came up with this treatment or directed this type of video. Great job, Guys, catch those dreams…


Thinking About You / Frank Ocean