Here is an unofficial, blazing hot, video for the track High For This by The Weeknd. The video features gorgeous model, Sarai Rollins from Malibu. The video was shot by her girlfriend and photographer, Sean Williams. We caught up with Sarai (pronounced Sarah) and chatted with the young, aspiring model.


TONY TRINH: Hey, Sarai, how’s it going? You’re from Malibu and you just started modeling this past year. How did you get into the business?

SARAI ROLLINS: It was kind of random actually. It all started doing a test shoot with my friend/photographer Sean Williams, then Valerie Beverly Hills asked me to be in their catalog.

TT: I was somewhat surprised to hear that Sean was a gal pal of yours. The video is so sexy! This might be Exhibit A in proving that women know what is sexiest. Seems like you had a blast on this shoot. Was it fun?

SR: Everyone knows her as “The Girl Sean” and she definitely knows sexy. I’ve known her since middle school, so shooting this video was like a typical girl slumber party. We got goofy, talked about when we feel sexiest, talked about boys, avoided flashing the neighbors…the usual…

TT: “The Girl Sean” is definitely a talented one, and I must say, the shoot turned out great. We are huge fans of The Weeknd. Are you a fan? Whose idea was it to combine The Weeknd track with the sultry visuals?

SR: I am a HUGE fan now. I have The Weeknd on repeat, which never happens because usually I get sick of music quickly. Sean’s idea was to shoot simple and sexy; nothing trying too hard. And what ended up happening is what I do in my spare time on my bed, kind of just rolling around, getting shy, then laughing. And then we added a trench coat, and red lipstick, and rad tunes. Voila!

TT: I wouldn’t mess with that recipe! I definitely prefer the straightforward sexiness of The Weeknd video, but I noticed that you shot a pretty crazy video with the crew from High5Collective (Sex Party by Hush Hush). Would you briefly talk about that madness?

SR: Well, well, well, I see you’ve done your research. I got the treatment for the Hush Hush video, and immediately said I would do it. How Mitchell DeQuilettes and Kyle Salazar had described it to me, they were looking for something darker and strange, the first line I read was “A tall model type woman with a beard…” Working with H5C was madness, they’re all creative geniuses, and very professional and fun to be around- the entire day I was listening to them work as a team, and by the end of the shoot I was debating if we were going to hang out after, too!

TT: Haha! We try, we try. We take pride in being prepared, here at The Superslice. Yeah, we’re fans of H5C (we have featured their stuff on our site) and they’re definitely blowing up and garnering some legit attention. You weren’t bad yourself in the Sex Party video! You’re obviously attractive, sexy, and exude a sweetness…but you came off as really fearless and uninhibited in that Hush Hush video. Maybe even a bit…evil. Have you considered acting? Is there a SAG card in your near future?

SR: It was a little fearless. I am trying to do more acting, I would love to do something that really tested my limits! *Fingers crossed for SAG*

TT: You’re currently residing in Thailand?

SR: According to Facebook, yes, but really, that is just where I wish I was. The culture, the food, the people, the language- I love it all.

TT: I hear you. I love Southeast Asia. Speaking of…staying on the cultural tip…what is your ethnic background? Where can we attribute all this beauty from? You have an exotic “look”.

SR: Sort of a mix, but mainly South African and Swedish/Northern European- I’m a mutt.

TT: One last question. Blondes or brunettes?

SR: I’m an open book. We can play this game all night! I am attracted to brunettes (guys- you know, tall, dark, handsome). As for the ladies- the more natural, the better- it’s beautiful to be confident with what ‘cha got.

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