TDO Architecture have created this ultra modern doll house with ramps connecting
all floors together. The project was commissioned by Wallpaper magazine.

Most Doll’s Houses are adapted versions of real buildings which become compromised as a result of reduction.

When TDO were asked by Wallpaper to design a contemporary Doll’s House, they re-approached the design by understanding the parameters of what makes both a functional Doll’s House and an imagined full scale proposition.
TDO were asked to consider the Villa Savoye as their starting point. As Doll’s Houses are played with from the front TDO identified that the modernist ‘free plan’ needed to be converted to a ‘free section’ to allow for interaction with all areas.

For this reason TDO designed the House vertically. Efficient floor plates borrow space from a shared central volume. This allows light to flood through the core of the building and gives deep cross level views. Ramps traverse the internal surface of the facade and form the building’s lattice structure. When the facade is opened the ramps pivot out of the way revealing a workable miniature building and a concept for designing buildings volumetrically.
When closed the doll’s house is a piece of furniture. A lamp glowing quietly in the corner, the translucent facade hinting at the fun within.