Kupcsik Adrián is an artist based in Hungary, Budapest. Part still life, part abstract isometric, Adrián is doing some unique and interesting things with form, light and vibrant colors (it’s as if Hieronymus Bosch started doing architectural renderings) . Some of his pieces have an alluring stillness to them, the urban themed works, especially, have an object-like quality to them. Their charm lies in how they come off as rendered tilt-shift images or miniaturized dioramas.

2008 Table set for E.M., oil on wood panel, 100x150

2009 Cake for R. A., oil on wood panel, 83x90

2009 Metro 4. (Tétényi station), oil on wood panel, 50x75

2010 Metro V. 2010, oil on wood panel, 200x120

2011 Extension of Kunsthalle Budapest oil on wood, 120x160

2011 Floating block of flats, Charcoal on paper

2011 Nuclear reactor, oil on wood panel, 80x120