Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine) can be described as a Rube Goldberg machine with a twist. Besides doing what Rube Goldberg’s do best – performing a simple task as inefficiently as possible, often in the form of a chain reaction – Melvin has an identity. Actually, the only purpose of this machine is promoting its own identity.

Melvin takes pictures and makes video’s of his audience which he instantly uploads to his website, facebook and twitter account. Besides that he makes his own merchandise. All of this within 4 minutes of craziness which you just have to witness yourself.

Concept & Art Direction: HEYHEYHEY
Design Team De Ploeg: HEYHEYHEY, Frank Winnubst, Bas van Hout, Bart Bekker, Jeroen Hezemans, Wouter Corvers, Bram de Vries, Dick Lafeber
Directed & Produced by: HEYHEYHEY
Steadicam operator: Joost van Poppel
Focuspuller: Adriaan van de Polder
Boom operator: Andre Philips
Sound mixed by: Bram Meindersma
Editing by: Sander van der Aa
Music: Woody & Paul
Sponsors: MU, The Cre8ion.Lab, De Ploeg, Municipality of Eindhoven



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