Scenery is no ordinary mixtape, all featured songs are edits, remixes, ideas and originals from Louis La Roche, who told us “There will be no tracklisting, the idea is that Scenery is a listening experience of short songs that create a journey for the listener. This is a free project, released digitally by myself, and each part will come with individual artwork.”

Louis La Roche came to the forefront when his first track “Love” was mistaken as a Thomas Bangalter production. Brett Ewels aka Louis La Roche, a very dominant figure in the electro/disco European dance scene, has put out some very memorable tracks and remixes. Some of his biggest influences include Daft Punk, Cassius, and Basement Jaxx.

Here is the three part trilogy.

Part I of the trilogy:

Part II of the trilogy:

Part III of the trilogy:



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