Berlin-based Photographer, Stephan Tillmans:

Luminant Point Arrays

The Luminant Point Arrays show cathode-ray-tube televisions being switched off. The television picture breaks down and creates a structure of light.
The images open up a dialogue between the relationship of abstraction and concretion in photography as the breakdown of the television picture describes the breakdown of external reference. The result is self-referential, concrete photography.

The dot systems show television screens, which were photographed at the moment of switching off. The shutter button is pressed while the power switch on the TV. The camera captures the image at the moment when it breaks down. The television picture is no longer visible – instead, a structure made ??of light, which in a split second, disappears back into the picture tube and collapses. The TV image is abstracted in this process and reduced to its essential element: the light or an order that is generated from the light beam of the tube. This order is different for each TV. Also, the exposure time and the time of admission have a significant influence on the visual object – the later the camera is triggered, the more advanced is the collapse of the picture. The release of the camera and turning off the television is manually done.