This is the video for Keys Open Doors off of the LP, Complex Housing, by Salva, head of San Francisco imprint, Frite Nite. The video is directed by Keith Musil.


The trick to Salva’s music is how it shrugs off attempts to pin down its elusive origin point. There’s a noticeable stylistic affinity with the Low End Theory scene a ways down the California coast in the future-funk hip hop insinuations. But the threads that run through it touch on a checklist of important club music movements from the last decade– neo-electro, Southern bounce, filter house, ghettotech, “purple” dubstep, turn-of-the-decade Dilla breaks, UK funky, pop grime, and boogie funk revival. It’s less the affected accent of the kid who comes back from a year in England talking like a Guy Ritchie bit player, and more like the voice of a constantly moving Army brat who’s let the dialects of five different regions shape his speech as he grows up.

Complex Housing by Salva