LeBasse Projects, Culver City: June 18th – July 9th, 2011
Artist Reception: Saturday, June 18th 7-10p

Los Angeles, CA – After being featured in the recent Portsmouth Museum of Art’s ‘Outside/In’ exhibition, Shark Toof returns to LA for his first major solo gallery show. ‘Nature Will Always Win’ will feature a series of paintings in Shark Toof’s signature style, but will surprise his fans with a greater technical acumen than his traditional work on the streets.

The artist asks a series of questions through his new paintings: ‘What innate actions or pleasures do we suppress for the sake of nobility or acceptance? What are we if we do acknowledge our inner voice? How different are our patterns to those of animals?’

Shark Toof suggests that ‘Nature Will Always Win’ is an acknowledgment of the subconscious and the inner voice. Through dense glazes of paint, portraits, imagery of love and war, the issue is addressed.

With a book in production, his work entering museum halls and his prolific street work covering the US from NY to Miami to LA, Shark Toof is one of the bright new stars in Contemporary Street Art. Shark Toof is known for his street murals, stencils and wheat pastes – but for his debut exhibition with LeBasse Projects expect much more from this multi-talented artist.

Shark Toof currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Shark Toof graduated from Pasadena Art Center College of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1998. He is currently represented by LeBasse Projects.

Solo and group shows in 2010:

  • Baker’s Dozen, Fountain Art Fair, Miami
  • Dreams Deferred, Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles
  • Duality, CB Gallery, Los Angeles
  • Marxist Glue, Hold Up Art, Los Angeles
  • Small Gift Sanrio 50th Anniversary, Barker Hanger, Los Angeles
  • Sugi Pop, Portsmouth Museum of Art, New Hampshire
  • Unfaithful Forever, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
  • Dead Letter Playground, Leo Kesting Gallery, New York
  • Viva Lost Wages, Joseph Watson Collection, Las Vegas
  • MAYDAY, Barracuda, Los Angeles
  • Crazy 4 Cult, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles

(pics from ZERO+ and gallery pictorial via The Superslice™ resident photographer, Taiyo Watanabe)