We recently featured the Kinect Graffiti™, here is another interesting Kinect modification. Matt Davis of the multimedia artist group, [namethemachine], hacks a Kinect using OpenNI & Max/MSP and maps it to Ableton Live and a MIDI to DMX Laser Control System. The future is now and it is pretty cool.


Gaming technology has always set a standard for human-machine interaction.  The Microsoft Kinect is no exception. Using a combination of image processing and computer vision methods to track a person’s body motion, the Kinect opens up enormous possibilities with regard to intuitively controlling machines.

This all sounds cool for video games, but how effectively can the Kinect be used to control performance software?

Using OpenNI (an open-source protocol for talking to the Kinect via OSX), and Max/PSP, Matt Davis created an interface for converting tracking data to MIDI. The results of this experiment open the doors to a new world of live audio-visual controlling.

(thanks to Ponta for the lead)