Jeremy Geddes is a photo-realistic oil painter based in Melbourne, Australia. I first became privy to this amazing talent when he first did a collaboration with Ashley Wood and ThreeA Toys (Red Cosmonaut, pictured above). I have been obsessed with his body of work ever since. His process is meticulous and rigorous. It is obvious Geddes is disciplined about detail, light and tonality. I think he is the closest our generation might have to a modern-day John Singer Sargent. I say this without hyperbole, his work is awesome.

The Cosmonaut has been a prominent theme in this current, narrativeless series.  This Cosmonaut anti-hero, is always seemingly lost in oblivion, floating without datum. These pieces are beautiful, haunting and hypnotic.

“Heat Death”, (below) from 2009 is just an epic piece. I cannot elaborate more than that. Look at the level of detail in this one, it is just mind boggling to me.


Heat Death (Oil on Board, 2009)

Adrift (Size: W100 X H100cm )

White Cosmonaut (Size: W119 X H110cm)

Red Cosmonaut (Size: W54 X H59cm)

Redemption (Oil on Board, 2010)

The Street (Oil on Board, 2010-2011)

A Perfect Vacuum (Oil on Board, 2011)