Best comment by a YouTuber, refch: “Pitchfork approved? hipsters will come”

Second best comment, iraleecantellia: “It’s? like Soulja Boy and Die Antwoord had some scene kid babies.”

So true. Might this be the Hipster One-Hit Wonder of the Day? Hopefully there is more. She brings an infectious energy.

Gucci Gucci s the latest, comically hipster-hop entry . East Oakland’s Kreayshawn, comes off as the Bay Area answer to Lady Sovereign meets Nicki Minaj meets a hoodrat, rapbeast Smurfette version of Based God. Her feistiness reminds me of a younger Fairuza Balk. In this song and video, Krea’ clowns chickenheads who are label whores and posers. All of this goes down over a catchy hook with a grimy dubstep beat. It is a song/video with a “message” that we can definitely identify with. The video is wrapped in so much over-the-top hipster-wigger “swag” that it becomes a meta-joke. Ironic hipsters? The universe is imploding, see you at The Rapture®.

Members (most prominently, Left Brain from Mellowhype) from OFWGKTA make appearances in the video to add hipster cred’. (How many times we mentioned the term, “hipster”, in this post: 7)

(pics from Tumblr)

UPDATE. I like how Kreayshawn comes across in this video interview: