DVAS is a Canadian electronic dance group based in Toronto. Specializing in high-energy neo-disco, they are signed to Upper Class Recordings. Somehow, DVAS has managed to keep a low profile and stay low key, despite how rockingly dense their product is. They might be Torontreal’s best kept secret. They are an underrated quad of Canucks that put out some sweet sonic waves. This latest mix is called Spaced Out.

This is a Cloud One sample, basically just filtered and compressed and mixed into a “big room house” track … Something for the club and a way to blow off some steam after all the “Society” stuff … It has been gathering dust on my hard drive for a year, so I figured I’d upload now before the bits and bytes deteriorated any longer … You might also notice some phasing/tuning issues in the synths … NOT intentional, BTW … 🙂

DVAS Thread