UK graphic artist, Olly Moss, is on a meteoric rise, deservedly so. Inspired by the likes of Saul Bass and Noma Bar, Moss, himself, has spawned a wave of copycats who attempt to imitate his clever and minimalist style. At a young age, he has already developed a nice body of print work and a devout following. His limited edition silkscreen prints sell out in a matter of minutes.

For the past half year, he has been making paper-cut silhouettes, X-acto and laser-cut cameos, of his favorite pop culture icons. It is an impressive collection, as a whole, that is composed of more than 350 separate pieces. They are displayed at Gallery 1988, in Los Angeles. The show which opened on May 7th, 2011, will run until May 20th.

Slash Film has a nice interview with Moss about his first solo art show.

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UPDATE: A closer look



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