Ron van der Ende is a sculptor based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He specializes in wall mounted bas-reliefs made from salvaged and reclaimed timber; which are then colored by a mosaic of veneers, producing a technique that looks painterly and rendered. The usual subjects stem from the industrial, mechanical and the pop cultural. Van der Ende flattens and projects the subjects into an axonometric, which tweaks the perspective, producing an impressive three-dimensional effect. The work is very unique, indeed.


Here is an extensive interview with Ron van der Ende by German website, Diskursdisko, from early 2009.

Vissersboot (Fishing Trawler) 2004 (175 x 185 x 16cm)

Checkout2 / Kassa2 2005 (Size: 187 x 112 x 14cm)

VO-1810 (Sony U-Matic) 2006 (175 x 110 x 14cm)

Sea Ice Runway Fire-Engine (Foremost) 2007 (Size: 135 x 72 x 10cm)

Flawless 2007 (95 x 75 x 10cm)

Axonometric Array 2008 (7m50 x 3m50 x 25cm)

Corsair 2010 (Size: 180 x 87 x 12cm)

KO Valkyrie 2010 (Size: 212 x 130 x 15cm)

On Re-Entry (Burning Log) 2010 (262 x 87 x 12 cm)